Welcome message from the President of the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea

Prof Nakapi Tefuarani

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
On behalf of the Medical Society of Papua New Guinea (MSPNG) it is a great honour to welcome you all to the 54th Annual Medical Symposium here in beautiful Madang.

A special warm welcome to Honorable Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Dr, Sir Puka Temu, Minister for Health and HIV & AIDs, Hon. Richard Maru, Minister for National Planning & Monitoring and to Hon. Peter Yama, the Governor for Madang and Patron of the 2018 Medical Symposium, On behalf of the Medical Society and the Medical Fraternity as a whole congratulate the Government of Papua New Guinea for hosting an important event, the Asia – Pacific Economic Coorperation (APEC), for the first time in PNG.

I extend my sincere warm welcome to our overseas Keynote Address Speaker; Associate Professor Ruth Stewart, President of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and Professor John Hall, Professor of Primary Care at the University of NSW, Sydney, Australia.

A warm welcome also to our eminent Guest Speakers from PNG including Dr David Mills, Head of Rural and Remote Specialist Training, SMHS, UPNG who is based in Kompiam Rural Hospital, Enga Province, Dr Joe Vilosi from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Dr Valerie Archer from Kapuna Rural Hospital, Gulf Province and Dr Otto Numan from Lorengau General Hospital, Manus Island.

My sincere welcome to our local and overseas regular Distinguished Guests including Secretary of Health, Mr Pascoe Kase and his Deputies; Dr Paison Dakulala and Ms Elva Lionel, Professor Lohi Matainaho, CEO and Director for Research Science and Technology Secretariat, Mr Will Robinson, Councillor, DFAT, Dr Luo Dapeng, WHO Representative, Mr David McLoughlin, UNICEF Representative, the UNFPA Representative, Professor Michael Alpers and Professor Deborah Lehman from Curtain University, WA, Professor Trevor Duke, Adjunct Professor, UPNG, Director of Child Health International Centre, University of Melbourne, Professor Sir Isi Kevau, Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute, Professor John Vince, Deputy Dean and Director of Taurama Postgraduate Research Centre, SMHS, Professor Glen Mola, Professor and Head of O&G Discipline, SMHS, Professor Francis Hombhanje, Director for the Research Unit of Divine Word University, Dr William Pomat, Director PNG Institute of Medical Research, CEO, Abt Associates, Dr Umesh Gupta, CEO PMGH, Associate Professor Victor Temple, Head of Basic Medical Sciences Division, SMHS, UPNG, Associate Professor Ikau Kevau, Head of Surgery Discipline, SMHS, UPNG, Associate Professor Jackson Lauwo, Head of Pharmacy Discipline, Dr Goa Tau, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Lloyd Ipai, Chief Physician, Dr James Amini, Chief Paediatrician, Dr Osborne Liko Chief Surgeon, Dr Ligo Augerea, Chief of O&G, Dr Alenisi Falealuga, Chief of Dentistry, Dr Duncan Dobunaba, Chief Anaesthetist, Dr James Naipao, Chief Otorhinolaryngologist, Dr Dora Lenturut, Chief Radiologist, Dr Sam Yockopua, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr Goiba Tienang, Chief in Psychiatry and Dr Tiotam Warpurai, Chief Dermatologist.

This year’s theme of Rural Medicine will be very important indeed for PNG in addressing health services to Rural and Remote areas where the majority of the PNG population is residing. The scientific papers presented in this symposium will certainly guide the Madang Society Organising Committee and the MSPNG to formulate health services recommendations and resolutions for the theme. It is the Society’s belief and hope that both our invited international and national guest speakers together with our society members will come up with possible practicable resolutions. Resolutions and recommendations that will be forwarded to the National Department of Health and Ministry of Health who will formulate policies to be implemented according to National Health Plan and budget.

On behalf of the Executives, Life Members and Members of the Medical Society of PNG, I would like to sincerely thank the President, Prof. Cecelia Nembou and Staff of Divine Word University, the Staff of the Modilon General Hospital and the staff of IMR for hosting this year’s symposium under the Chairmanship of Dr Vincent Atua and his executives Deputy Chairman, Dr Sammy Thomas, Treasurer Dr. John Bolnga and Secretary Ms. Jessica Popen. I extend my thanks to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Editors of the Symposium Booklet, Dr Moses Laman and Dr. Harry Aigeeleng for ensuring that the 54th Annual Medical Symposium Booklet eventuate. The Medical Society acknowledges indeed the support of our annual corporate sponsors, individual sponsors and supporters that we will officially announce during the cultural night. This event would not have occurred without your support.
On behalf of the members of the society, I thank Vice President, Dr Duncan Dobunaba, Secretary, Dr Lucy John, Treasurer, Dr Paki Molumi and our Executive Member, Dr Evelyn Lavu for their usual support throughout the year. I thank our Secretay, Ms Crescentia Pasmet for ensuring that the Society’s engine room is fully functioning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure you will enjoy the scientific program and the social events that have been arranged for you by our Madang SOC. I wish you all an enjoyable and a successful 54th Annual Symposium in beautiful Madang.
God bless you all !!

Professor Nakapi Tefuarani
President, Medical Society of Papua New Guinea